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What is proposed?

Click on the image above to see a larger version of the master plan.

What is included?

Our proposals for the site east of Woodway Road, Sibford Ferris include the following key elements, which are subject to change after we have consulted the local community:

  • 6 new single storey retirement bungalows specifically designed for and restricted to people aged 55 and over
  • A new road access point to the site from Hook Norton Road, through the neighbouring development site to the south
  • Retention of the mature trees on the site, to provide visual screening of the site from Woodway Road and surrounding properties
  • Additional tree planting and landscaping
  • Ample off-road car parking for all homes proposed, in the form of garages and driveways
  • Central covered refuse storage and a turning point for refuse and delivery vehicles
  • Financial contributions to local community infrastructure

How does this site relate to the Gade Homes site?

Plans for the site immediately to the south of our site are being brought forward by Gade Homes. An outline planning permission has been granted for this site, which establishes the means of access from Hook Norton Road to both our site and the proposed Gade Homes development. However, the sites are subject to separate planning applications by separate applicants and will be judged separately by Cherwell District Council.

How will local heritage be protected?

The proposed site layout has been designed to maintain key views across the site and from key vantage points around the village and surrounding area.

The proposed new homes will be built using a palette of materials that reflect those used in the village and wider area, protecting local character and respecting the Sibford Ferris Conservation Area, Sibford Valley and the Ironstone Hills and Valleys character area.

How will the site look from the outside?

The existing trees on the road frontage will be retained and maintained to preserve the secluded character of the site.

A number of new trees and green features are proposed for the site, to protect long distance views in the wider area.

Additional tree planting is proposed to protect the privacy of existing residents living in properties located to the north and south of the site.

How will the proposed homes be accessed?

The access to the site is a contunuation of the site access created on the development site located to the south. No access is proposed from Woodway Road

However, our retirement-living scheme will generate far fewer road traffic movements particularly at peak times. This means that the proposed development is likely to have a neglible impact on the local highway network.

Will there be enough car parking on site?

Every new home on the site will benefit from at least two parking spaces, in the form of a garage and driveway. In addition, ample visitor parking will be provided.

Raised areas of 'shared space' will be included on road surfaces within the proposed development, designed to naturally calm road vehicles and increase safety for pedestrians.

Has site ecology been considered?

As part of any planning application that comes forward, we will include a detailed ecological impact assessment. This document will set out what habitats exist in and around the site as the moment and what measures we need to take to mitigate the impact of the development on these habitats.

Initial surveys have found that any impacts on existing habitats and wildlife migration paths can be mitigated as part of the proposals.

Will building new homes increase local flood risk?

We propose to build a new drainage system on-site, comprising a balancing pond connected by a network of channels across the site.

This system will minimise flood risk for new residents on-site to ensure that it is within acceptable levels. It will also ensure that the proposed development will not increase flood risk for neighbouring properties, Sibford Ferris or the wider area.

How could the proposed new homes look?

Completed Blue Cedar scheme at Kingston Bagpuize

Completed Blue Cedar scheme at Bampton

Artist's impression of a consented scheme at Deddington