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Blue Cedar Homes is a specialist retirement homes builder

We build homes for a fast growing segment of the population - the over 55s. The needs of older people in the housing market are well recognised by central government, as well as local authorities (including Cherwell), who have a responsibility to ensure that a range of housing stock is available to meet the housing demands of people into their retirement.

We build homes that adapt to later life

We have researched the way older people's needs progress, and have developed a unique system that can accommodate their changing lifestyle as they move into later life.

The homes that we build are either designed to be used initially as a two-storey house, and later as a single-storey with upstairs accommodation for live-in relatives/carers should the need arise, or are designed to readily accommodate a lift between floors, to avoid the need to use the stairs.

We manage and support at a local level

To complete residents' need for supported living, the Blue Cedar Homes Management Company employs a dedicated Estate Manager, recruited from the local area.

The Estate Manager takes care of estate and garden maintenance (communal and for each property), window cleaning, gutter clearance, waste management and periodic redecoration of the properties' exterior.

We free up larger homes for young families

A lack of suitable and available 'downsizing' accommodation for people of retirement age can mean that larger owner-occupied housing remain under-occupied by ageing home owners who wish to move to suitable accommodation. This can have an impact on local affordability, particularly affecting younger people who want to live locally and get on the housing ladder.

Providing a choice and range of age-appropriate housing can free-up housing that would be more suited to occupation by young families and co-habiting couples.